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Hi Bobbie!

It was great seeing you today, your new store is absolutely GORGEOUS and we are thrilled to be a part of your opening.  Please see the selection I curated for your store, based on what we reviewed and adding some other bestsellers as well.  This is over your budget of $1000 but gives you choices to select from.

Fingers crossed on your inspection tomorrow morning!



Item SKU Price Qty
Here Now Bar Necklace

N72-7855ZP $93.00
Ruby Sapphire Bar Necklace

N82-7855R $93.00
Shiloh Necklace

N71-7343GMS $105.00
Peace Is The Path Druzy Bar Necklace
Keep it Neutral
N72-7538G $173.00
Light and Bright
N72-7538G $173.00
Purple Haze
N72-7538G $173.00
The Darkside
N72-7538G $173.00
Ruby Sapphire Y Necklace

N82-5003R $148.00
Brushstroke Necklace

N82-5024 $135.00
Labradorite and Gunmetal Choker Necklace

N82-5020 $175.00
Pavé Quatrefoil Necklace

N82-5031 $110.00
Dew Drop Necklace

N51-8009 $190.00
Peach Moonstone and Leather Necklace

N82-5008M $280.00
Pyrite Y Necklace

N82-5011P $223.00
Silverite Crescent Necklace

N82-5029 $170.00
Liquid Gold Free Form Earrings

E81-3752 $110.00
Keshi Pearl Threader Earrings

E81-3751 $80.00
Hammered Hoop Labradorite Earrings

E82-5106 $98.00
Hammered Circular Earrings

E82-5118 $140.00
Hammered Grey Pearl Hoops

E82-5114 $153.00
Labradorite and Gold Branch Earrings

E81-7084 $98.00
Pyrite and Labradorite Beaded Hoops

E82-6071P $88.00
Labradorite Zircon Pyrite Threader Earrings

E82-5100L $95.00
Ruby Sapphire Threader Earrings

E82-5100R $95.00
Sapphire Threader Earrings

E82-5100SA $95.00
Sapphire Duster Earrings

E82-5112SA $98.00
Labradorite Pyrite Zircon Duster Earrings

E82-5112L $98.00
Leather and Druzy Bracelet
The Darkside
B82-7463B $122.00
Light and Bright
B82-7463B $122.00
Keep It Neutral
B82-7463B $122.00
Purple Haze
B82-7463B $122.00
Grey Moonstone Druzy Bracelet
The Darkside
B82-7034GM-1 $108.00
Light and Bright
B82-7034GM-2 $108.00
Keep It Neutral
B82-7034GM-3 $108.00
Purple Haze
B82-7034GM-4 $108.00
Beige Leather Druzy Wrap Bracelet
The Darkside
B82-8015B-1 $137.00
Light and Bright
B82-8015B-2 $137.00
Keep It Neutral
B82-8015B-3 $137.00
Purple Haze
B82-8015B-4 $137.00
Black Leather Druzy Wrap Bracelet
The Darkside
B82-8015BK-1 $137.00
Light and Bright
B82-8015BK-2 $137.00
Keep It Neutral
B82-8015BK-3 $137.00
Purple Haze
B82-8015BK-4 $137.00
Sapphire Pyrite Labradorite Bracelet

B82-6016SA $165.00
Sapphire Silverite and Labradorite Leather Wrap

B82-5205SA $153.00
Grey Moonstone Cube Bracelet

B82-7460GM $95.00
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