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The Fairmont Kea Lani


Hi Christianna and Gena!  Here are the sample pieces you selected at ISPA.

I've added some long best selling layering necklaces at the end to round out this layered look.

Item SKU Price Qty
Ruby Sapphire Bracelet

B82-2004R $80.00
Labradorite and Larimar Wrap Bracelet

B81-9508LA $153.00
Quatrefoil Charm Bracelet

B81-2002LA $85.00
Sapphire Quatrefoil Charm Bracelet

B82-2002SA $85.00
Leaf Charm Bracelet

B81-2003P $85.00
Larimar and Silverite Bracelet

B81-7234LA $80.00
Labradorite Arrow Bracelet

B81-2001L $78.00
Moonstone Arrow Bracelet

B81-2001M $78.00
Labradorite, Pyrite and Zircon Bracelet

B72-7854ZP $70.00
Sapphire Grey Moonstone Bracelet

B82-7234SA $80.00
Sapphire Zircon Pyrite Bracelet

B82-7854SZP $70.00
Petite Larimar and Labradorite Beaded Hoops

E81-6072LA $80.00
Petite Zircon and Labradorite Beaded Hoops

E72-6072Z $80.00
Petite Sapphire and Labradorite Earrings

E82-6072SA $80.00
Keshi Pearl Threader Earrings

E82-5108 $93.00
Keshi Pearl Threader Earrings

E81-3751 $80.00
Sapphire Threader Earrings

E82-5100SA $95.00
Ruby Sapphire Threader Earrings

E82-5100R $95.00
Labradorite Zircon Pyrite Threader Earrings

E82-5100L $95.00
White Topaz Charm Gold Necklace: 16"

N81-6051GW $145.00
Ruby Sapphire Labradorite Y Necklace

N82-9212R $148.00
Ruby Sapphire Layering Necklace

N82-4004R $370.00
Ruby Sapphire Pearl Layering Necklace

N82-4017R $298.00
Sapphire Layering Necklace

N82-4017 $298.00
Sapphire Zircon and Pyrite Long Layering Necklace

N82-7854SZP $393.00
Labradorite, Pyrite and Zircon Layering Necklace

N72-7854ZP $393.00
Larimar, Labradorite and Zircon Layering Necklace

N72-7854LZL $393.00
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