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Suggestion for Noble House Hotels

Hi Amelia and Karyn,

Here are some of our bestsellers that I think would be great to integrate into your order! 

Your order was heavy on the basic druzy pieces, which is smart- they always sell. I also wanted to add some pieces with more dimension- they're more expensive, but it elevates the look of the whole collection and you can see how your guests are drawn to them. 

For display purposes, I added a few more necklaces here so that we can show layering on busts. 

I also added some delicate bracelets- they're top sellers in most locations. 


Item SKU Price Qty
Dew Drop Necklace

N51-8009 $190.00
Here Now Bar Necklace

N72-7855ZP $93.00
Labradorite Bell Earrings

E81-8008 $150.00
Tarni Necklace
The Darkside
N71-6019L-1 $245.00
Light and Bright
N71-6019L-2 $245.00
Keep It Neutral
N71-6019L-3 $245.00
Purple Haze
N71-6019L-4 $245.00
Large Palm Druzy Necklace
The Darkside
N72-6031 $195.00
Light and Bright
N72-6031 $195.00
Keep It Neutral
N72-6031 $195.00
Purple Haze
N72-6031 $195.00
Labradorite, Pyrite and Zircon Bracelet

B72-7854ZP $70.00
Reverie Necklace

N71-6021L $227.00
Larimar Nugget Layering Necklace

N81-4007 $295.00
Quatrefoil Charm Bracelet

B81-2002LA $85.00
Labradorite Arrow Bracelet

B81-2001L $78.00
Petal Charm Necklace
Keep It Neutral
N61-8308GM $155.00
Light and Bright
N61-8308GM $155.00
Purple Haze
N61-8308GM $155.00
The Dark Side
N61-8308GM $155.00
Zircon and Labradorite Bell Pendant Necklace

N81-6015L $300.00
Leaf Charm Bracelet

B81-2003P $85.00
Ruby Sapphire and Peach Moonstone Necklace

N82-5004R $173.00
Labradorite Peach Moonstone Necklace

N82-5007L $168.00
Sapphire Silverite and Labradorite Leather Wrap

B82-5205SA $153.00
Labradorite Nugget Necklace

N82-5025 $285.00
Pyrite and Gold Chain Choker Necklace

N81-4006P $155.00
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