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Stone Series: Peruvian Opal

July 05, 2016

Legend has it that Peruvian Opal connects the mind, emotions, and body together better than any other stone. Its soft, relaxing energies soften the impact of stress from the outside world and can help release the trauma of past wounds.  Peruvian Opal will bring you inner peace and help carry you through difficult times. It also quiets the mind, aids in sleep, and stimulates creativity — what could be better than that?

Found abundantly in the lush Andes Mountains of Peru, this alluring stone comes in soft pastel blue, blue-green, or pink with a pearly sheen. According to the myths, Peruvian Opal was a gift from the earliest Inca Goddess of Fruitfulness and Mother Earth, promoting the right action for the highest good. The rich colors of the opal strike the perfect combination of ingenuity and self-esteem, enabling you to unleash your inner creativity with the utmost of confidence.

Peruvian Opal is a terrific journeying stone. It is highly receptive and induces a mild hypnotic state for enhancing divination and metaphysical gifts. Harness everything this stone has to offer and ensure stimulating connections with others by communicating from the heart.

What’s the holdup? Rock this stone in your everyday wear and exude inspiration and inventive vibes daily.  


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