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Meet Our Team: Kristen, Production Coordinator

August 02, 2016 2 min read

An Atlanta resident since 2012, Kristen originally hails from the Palmetto State -- South Carolina -- specifically, the sweet little city of Greenville. She met her husband, Jordan, at Clemson University, while obtaining her BFA in Visual Arts/Oil Painting, with a minor in Biology. She and Jordan have a precious little yorkie-poo named Evelyn (Evvy, for short .. #evelynthedog :) whom they absolutely adore! When Kristen's not working in our studio, she is following her passion for painting. (IG: @kw_mitchell)

Kristen brings a great perspective to our studio. As the production coordinator, she processes orders, checks the quality on completed orders before shipping, maintains our supply inventory, and so much more. She is very detail oriented and always makes sure every piece of jewelry we ship looks perfect for our customers. She loves working with a team and providing input on the daily creative challenges we face at Mickey Lynn!

What animal best represents you and why? 

I'd say a whale:  I love the ocean. I live in the depths (internally ;). I prefer slow living and moving. I'm super-family oriented. And I strive to live in a peaceful manner. Annnd I'm a mammal, duh!
If you could time travel, where would you go?  
To the very beginning. (Aren't you curious, too?!)
Where is the most beautiful place you have been? 
Three-way-tie (I'm bad at this game): 1. The Dead Sea in Israel, 2. French Polynesia (specifically the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora), 3. Highway 1, up and down the California coast.
What movie do you wish life could be more like? 
Space Jam.
What junk food couldn't you live without? 
Jeni's Goat Cheese with Red Cherries ice cream. Hands down. (which is currently unavailable, soooo I'm sorta struggling here.) Oh, and if boiled peanuts count, then, boiled peanuts. Home made. Or off the side of the road. Not gas station.

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