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Stone Series: Labradorite

March 03, 2016

We naturally have a smooth flow of energy within the body, mind and spirit. Whether we realize it or not, we communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions out into the world. Is it possible to maintain a naturally positive flow of energy throughout the day, in and out of daily routines? We think so. Meet Labradorite.

Above:  Phasic threader earrings featuring labradorite.

This gorgeous stone, mainly shimmering in mystical shades of blue, is known to give energy to the person holding or wearing it. Labradorite is the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout natural energies from within. Wearing Labradorite can help protect against negativity and provides exploration into alternate levels of sense of self and consciousness.

Our all-natural jewelry designs are founded strongly on positive energies and lights, with each piece carrying out the core essence of the Earth’s beauties. This stone’s properties are capable of fortifying intuition, creative expression and imagination, and balancing your calmness and strength of will.

As if the symbolic shades of blue weren’t enough to draw itself onto your wrists, the euphoric feel of the stone speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to stylishly embody a stunning stone with these properties while holding meaning to your life, spirit, and well-being.

Shop our Labradorite pieces and stylishly awaken your inner energies.


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