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3 things you might not know about DRUZY (pt. 2)

December 07, 2015

Whether you're a loyal customer or someone who just recently discovered us,we felt it necessary to share some things you might not know about druzy. 

1. Where is druzy excavated from?

South America is the most common area where we acquire our druzy - typically the mines by the Argentinean and Uruguayan border. Not only are the druzy beautiful there, but it gives Seth and me the chance to adventure through the culture-filled cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Nothing beats being able to travel as a part of work!

2. Who is involved in the process?

The special thing about our druzy sourcing is that Seth and I regularly travel to South America to hand-select the stones that will be included into our collection. We've had the privilege of creating meaningful relationships with the mining families over the common love for druzy and with every returning visit, our relationships have strengthened. I find it incredibly important to hold onto the value of community, as it can easily get lost in the hyper-competitive fashion industry.


Here you can see us searching for the perfect stones and working on designs with the druzy right there in our South American studio! Fun fact: we are the only U.S. vendors who have personally visited the mines. The benefit? We get first dibs, meaning our stones are top-of-the-line and the most unique.

 From the druzy mining process in South America to our Atlanta production team, we know the hands that were behind each step in the jewelry making process. It's incredible to see our work come alive with such beauties such as these! Pictured above are the nothing but blue skies necklace, the rose gold crystal necklace, and the petite round druzy & blackened silver necklace

3. Environmental effects of druzy?

It is a sad but true reality that the mining industry does in fact harm the environment. However, our mines strictly adhere to the regulations and our druzy is mined with consideration to the earth from where it came. They are only top mined, preventing any groundwater disruption and this technique allows the ground to recover and grow back the way it naturally was. After a short period of time, the areas that were mined look as if they were never disturbed. Because we stick to the rules, we actually have horses, sheep, and ostrich around us when we are digging which is always fun!

We love our druzy, and hope you do too! To see more druzy pics, check out our pinterest board or our instagram.


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Mary Tanzella
Mary Tanzella

October 28, 2015

I love my new Druzy necklace that I bought from you at the Marist Artisan market. It was good seeing you!

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