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3 things you might not know about DRUZY (pt. 1)

June 17, 2015

Whether you're a loyal customer or someone who just recently discovered us, we felt it necessary to share some things you might not know about druzy.

1. What exactly is druzy?

Druzy is a crust of tiny crystals that produce a glittering effect, lining the insides of a colorful rock cavity. It's embedded inside a hollow host rock called a geode, providing protection. Ground water carrying rich minerals moved through the geode and deposited new minerals into the cavities of the rock. As the water evaporated, it left behind traces of minerals that created the sparkling crystals seen in our jewelry today. Holistically the process can take up to millions of years – the epitome of the quote “good things take time”! You've probably seen it in sugar quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst used in home décor. This is the same element utilized in our jewelry!

2. Why do we use druzy?

Displayed in a handful of our pieces, it is undeniable that I appreciate the art of asymmetry. Mother Nature doesn't create uniform crystals – rather she leaves naturally beautiful and original patterns on the inside of the geodes, exhibiting artistic imbalance. Although some might consider the unpredictability and randomness of druzy hard to work with, this is the exact drive that enables my creativity to flourish into our collections.








Not only are the stones asymmetrical, but so are many of our designs! A few of my favorite asymmetric pieces are the cornflake girl earrings, the watch the sunrise necklace, and the break of dawn bracelet.

3. What makes it so special?

All of our druzy jewelry is hand-crafted by our talented production team, working out of their passion for jewelry making. Having our production studio based in Atlanta, all our designs are proudly made here in the USA.  It hasn't been the most obvious choice to do so, but it's what feels like the right thing to do. Although it would be more cost efficient to have a manufacturer overseas, we feel passionate about supporting our local economy first, which then ultimately benefits our nation as a whole.  

We hope you learned more about our special stone and our company. Stay tuned for part 2 to find out where we get our druzy from! See you in a few. 

Mickey Lynn

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