Why We’re “Made Here.”

September 08, 2014

As I sit here today, watching my team carefully creating jewelry and filling orders which will be shipped out to people around the country, I started thinking about the type of business we are building. You see, it was always my dream be able to do what I love and make a positive impact on our community.

From the moment Seth and I decided to go into the jewelry business we made a commitment to being 100% handcrafted in the USA. There were quite a few people who looked at us as if we were insane when we told them that we wanted to have a staff of artists making our designs by hand in our studio. And truthfully, there were times when we saw the difference this decision was making on our bottom line that we wondered to ourselves if we might be a little crazy after all. But, my vision was always of jewelry making as an art form, and nothing about assembly lines and unsafe working conditions said “art” to me. I’m proud to be creating jobs and putting money back into the local economy.

Another goal was to keep our impact on the earth as minimal as possible. And of course, we started with the products themselves.  All of the stones we use are 100% natural and mined sustainably with consideration for the earth. And those earth friendly beauties will arrive to their destination wrapped in 100% recycled and sustainable shipping supplies.

And that’s really just the beginning; our goal is to continue monitoring and measuring ways in which we can make a positive impact. So, while I may not be paving the road to a quick retirement in the exotic location of my choice, I have created a business where I can bring my whole self to work, the business owner, the environmentalist, the activist and of course the artist. And that, is something worth toasting! 


Mickey Lynn



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