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One piece of jewelry. Many possibilities.

August 15, 2014

August is always an extremely busy month.  We bring our new collection to several different trade shows in the country and finally at NYNOW. Most of July and early August are spent putting the final touches on the collection and getting all the details just right. The last few weekends have even included super long workdays on Saturday AND Sunday!  To top it all off, my birthday also falls in August, and if we can, we try to squeeze in a quick getaway after so many long hours.

When you're this busy, whether it’s for work or for play, you cannot afford to spend time agonizing about what to wear. I rely on my wardrobe go-tos that make me feel confident and comfortable. Packing light, but being well prepared is key. One of my favorite tricks for accessorizing is with our multi-way jewelry.  

So, whether you are in the full swing of work, back-to-school, or trying to squeeze in one more adventure before you get down to business, read on for more about our multitasking, multi-way jewelry!

The Crest Layering Necklace

Yes, it’s called a layering necklace, but this beauty really stands on it's own. With at least three ways to wear it, its versatility and exotic shades of blue-green add spice to any outfit. You can also check it out on one of my favorite actresses on Scandal, Darby Stanchfield and see what else has been featured in the press lately here. 

The Gemstone Layering Necklace

This beauty can be worn four ways and is available in other gemstone options as well. A great piece for transitioning from day to night, many of my casual looks pair perfectly with the longer lengths and at night I'm likely to have a lower neckline which is perfect for the shorter style necklace.  

The Pyrite Wrap've got to love a piece that can be worn as a bracelet

OR a necklace.

I love that this stunning piece of pyrite and braided rope pairs effortless with anything!

To see more of our muti-way pieces, perfect for packing light and going far, check out our Pinterest board. Stay busy. Travel far.  Have fun!



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