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A Dish & A Drink - Spain

June 03, 2014 2 min read

Now that the days are longer and brighter, I find myself with more energy for the things I love outside of jewelry design, like cooking and entertaining! I’ve put together two recipes to share with you. These were inspired by our time in Spain. They are both super easy to make and delicious, two necessities, as far as I am concerned, for summer entertaining.

Read on for my version of the perfect Gin & Tonic and Chorizo Sandwich!  

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

 In Spain, they are not messing around with their G&T. Something so simple gets perfected here. I couldn’t find all of the exact ingredients in my Spanish drink readily available in the States, but I’ve put together a version almost as good!

You’ll Need:

Large chilled highball glass.

Plenty of cubed ice.

A bottle of a good quality balanced gin - I use Hendricks.

Fresh green lime.

This is the very important part: you need high end tonic. My favorite is Fever-Tree.

To Make:

Cut lime into wedges. Squeeze a wedge into the glass and drop it in!

Fill the glass with ice cubes, and then add about 3oz of gin.

Fill with Fever Tree tonic and stir.

Garnish with another lime wedge.

Note: you can really have fun with the garnish on the G&T. I’ve seen grapefruit, cucumber and even a stick of black liquorice used.

Chorizo Sandwich


As you can see, Seth loved these tasty sandwiches. They are so simple; you can put them together even after you’ve had a few of my perfect G&T’s!

You’ll Need (makes 2 Sandwiches):

2 chorizo sausage links.

2 fresh ciabatta rolls.

1-2 roasted Piquillo peppers (per sandwich).

A few handfuls of arugula.

Good quality olive oil.

To Make:

Get your grill ready! Charcoal grills are the preferred method, but to be honest, I never have the patience for charcoal.  Times are going to vary; you are going for good and dark grill marks

 Halve your ciabatta rolls and toss on the grill to toast until they are a light, golden brown.

 Drizzle both sides of the roll with a bit of olive oil, add the peppers, arugula, and chorizo sausage.

Nom! Nom!

Note: You can add a homemade mayonnaise to make this dish divine.

Even if we are just sitting on our patio, these recipes have the ability to transport me right back in time to Spain. Come to think of it, this unique ability of tastes to bring you back to places and times you love is probably one of the reasons I enjoy a great dish & a drink so much.

I hope you enjoy!



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