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Love Your Home.

April 21, 2014

As you know we are all about inspiration here, and of course our number one inspiration is Mother Earth.

 Our signature stone is a druzy and we work in a variety of other all natural stones. Essentially, a druzy is gorgeous, glittering rock! Formed by a geological process that can take millions of years to complete, each druzy is truly unique. Water, minerals and rocks combine to make all-natural gemstones in a shimmering rainbow of colors.

 What you may not know is that we have built our business around a model of sustainability. Because it’s important to me and to my team, I wanted to take this opportunity to point out a few earth friendly features of our company.

 First:  All of the druzy we use are 100% natural and mined sustainably with consideration for the earth from where it came. We carefully source their stones from mines that treat both the earth and their workers fairly. This close relationship with the mine also ensures that we receive the very best selection of stones.  We then hire local artisans to handmade in our designs in Atlanta, GA studio.

 Second:  As a company who ships a LOT of boxes, poly bags and bubble wrap, we were not doing the earth any favors, until we found Pratt Industries. We now use 100% recycled and sustainable shipping supplies!

Every little bit helps! We encourage you to find little ways to help your family or business operate in a more earth friendly fashion. The rewards we will all reap will be huge!

 Love your home!

Cheers,  Mickey  


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