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From Inspiration to Creation: Spring 2014

April 16, 2014

If you follow us on social or subscribe to our newsletter, then you've probably heard a bit about the inspiration behind our new spring collection: Where Land Meets Sea.  In fact, you may know by now that Seth and I are total travel bugs and try to base the inspiration behind each new collection on an adventure.

 And, wow, was this an adventure! I’ve always dreamed of sailing. So when I happened upon the Bay Dreamer of Sweden blog I was intrigued. Here was a couple, and their adorable dog Vera, living out their dream of sailing around the world! And when I learned that you could sail with them, well, it was a short time before we were convinced that this was our next big adventure!

We caught up with The Bay Dreamer on the Spanish island of Lanzarote with the plan of sailing around The Canary Islands.  (Yes, there are camels here!)

From there we sailed to Isla de Lobos an old volcanic island.  Isla de Lobos took its name from the Spanish: Island of  Sea Wolves. Sea wolves are also called monk seals and they were once all that inhabited this island.  Sadly, the Sea Wolf didn’t fare well with the population of this island and now its presence is only occasional. 

From the arid, moon like landscape of Isla de Lobos we sailed 90 miles to the Gran Canaries. From here things turned from tranquil, to well pretty much terrifying. With winds up to 30 knots and seriously high waves battering the boat for almost 17 hours, I was nervously chewing ginger (helps with the nausea) and trying my best to remain calm.

Needless, to say I was relieved to spend some time on land and in a quiet harbor in the Gran Canaries!  Seth and I went on to spend a few days in Madrid before wrapping up what had certainly been one of our most adventurous trips yet!

A huge thank you goes out to Daniel and Anna for allowing us to be part of your crew. We really enjoyed our time with you! And of course to Vera, the cutest dog to ever sail around the world!

 Once back in our Atlanta, I had almost more inspiration than I knew what to do with!  From sails to knots to bold ocean hued gemstones, I wanted to include so many elements that reminded me of our adventure. It’s my hope that these jewels bring a sense of adventure and magic to everyday!

Cheers! Mickey

Take a look at our video! 

Spring-Summer 2014: Where Land meets Sea from Mickey Lynn Jewelry on Vimeo.


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