The Perfect Pairing

May 01, 2013

Recently, I was working on a piece for my Spring/Summer line, a bracelet created with a druzy stone and a silk cord, when it occurred to me: one of my favorite parts of making jewelry is creating the perfect pairing. I get to play match maker all day: “Oh, you’re a gorgeous druzy, you would play so well with this lovely ribbon, and you pretty piece of moonstone, you should totally meet this gemstone!”

I really love pairing the unexpected, things that don’t seem like they should go together, but somehow they work perfectly! If you know me, you know that I relate almost everything to food and drink! For dessert, I crave dark chocolate & fleur de sel.

 A friend talked me into trying a pickleback, whiskey with a side of pickle juice! Sounds crazy, but so delish! 

These flavor combinations have been around for a minute, but when I first heard of them they seemed quite strange. Now I can’t imagine whiskey without pickle juice, and chocolate just seems sad without sea salt.  

My love for unexpected combinations carries over into my clothing choices too. I never like to look too “done” I love pairing a hot skirt with a vintage T- shirt, or the perfect tailored jacket with worn boyfriend jeans and my favorite heels. 

I love the way blogger Zina at Fashionvibe puts these pieces together!

When I think about it, these unexpected, yet perfect pairings are always showing up in my life. I started out my career as a systems engineer for a fortune 500 company, and now here I am designing jewelry. Seems like an odd combination, but I truly believe each career served and informed the other. And take my partner, Seth and I. We are opposites in so many ways. He’s burning up when I am freezing; we have literally had arguments about the thermostat! He’s super outgoing, where I tend to be a bit more reserved. He’s the dreamer and I am definitely the realist, sometimes I have to drag his kite tail back down to earth! But, here we are, with a business and a life together that is thriving! 

Unexpected, but wonderfully suited for each other, sometimes it really just takes the perfect pair!

What about you guys? Have any unusual/wonderful combinations you can’t get enough of?  



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