The Creative Process

September 27, 2013 2 min read

There have been a lot of late nights at the studio recently. We've been busy designing, making and pulling together all the creative elements for our new fall line. I couldn't be happier to work as hard as I do, I adore the creative process!

A friend asked me recently, “What exactly is your process for designing a new line?” I couldn't help but laugh at how difficult it was for me, a former systems engineer, to answer that question. Inspiration comes at me from so many different directions; it can be downright overwhelming at times.

I spend a lot of time in New York City, a place where inspiration is literally lurking around every street corner. I knew that for the Fall/Winter 2013 I wanted to create a line that conveyed NYC inspiration, and the feel of effortless, eclectic glamour.

I start by gathering my inspirations, Pinterest is a wonderful tool!  I create boards on color, shape and overall feel.  I’m also always referencing Jewelry Concepts and Technology, it’s my jewelry making bible. I love to learn about and be inspired by the origins of jewelry design.

Then I begin the search for stones. It’s so exciting to see what the earth has made and figure out how you might be able to use it's creations in your own designs.

I’m excited to introduce new shapes and elements to the collection!  We are introducing a raw crystal quartz point, which offers this wonderful edgy, yet organic feel. And be on the lookout for a lot of triangles, a nod to my passion for geometric shapes and Art Deco design!

And of course, no creative process would be complete without a fabulous team to collaborate and bounce ideas off of. We couldn't be more proud of the work we've done. Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing it with you soon!



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