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October 01, 2013

Every October I like to support Breast Cancer Awareness in some way. Last year it hit close to home for one of our team members, Candice. I'll let her tell you the story. Read on to hear why we are partnering with Pink Ribbon Story Foundation.


Mickey Lynn

I remember the words of my best friend’s text like it was yesterday. It read: “It’s f***ing cancer.”

Lump. Chemotherapy. Mastectomy. Survival rate. All of these and more, used to be mere words. Terms heard on the news, and in passing. Then somehow, these horrible words became a part of our vernacular.

After the word cancer, everything takes on a new weight and dimension. Sometimes, entire definitions are rewritten.

Friendship. Strength. Life. Joy. Grace. Gratitude. All of these and more are words that have been redefined. They are louder, more important and they beg to be used more often.

That is why I am so happy to be able to partner with Pink Ribbon Story Foundation, an organization committed to documenting and sharing the stories of those affected by breast cancer. Through video, social media and mentoring, PRSF connects the newly diagnosed to survivors, offering knowledge and hope for the road ahead.

While my friend fought, her loved ones choked out the words that we are supposed to say, “I love you, everything will be all right.” But the women of PRSF told her their words and their stories. They gave her real hope that it could all be ok. They connected her to women who truly knew what she was going through, and later they gave her a forum to tell her own story of survival!

The shared narrative is so very important. I believe that sharing these stories also shares hope.

Through the month of October, Mickey Lynn Jewelry is giving 15% of all sales to Pink Ribbon Story Foundation.  Learn more > HERE

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