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Stone Series: Power of White African Opal

May 19, 2016 1 min read

What is opal? No, it’s not a Greek word that sounds a lot like “Opa!”, but itis a stone fancied by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The word ‘opal’ is derived from the sanskrit word ‘upala’ which means ‘valuable stone.’ And even more than its linguistic origins, the white African opal stone’s significance carries far more.

Besides its effortless elegance and captivating beauty, White African opal speaks to the calmness and purity in each of us. This stone is said to awaken mental capacities such as creativity, inspiration, imagination, and even memory facilitators. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed this stone to be a luck-bringing energy, which provides insight into what you are missing or seeking. Wearing this beautiful stone may allow a limitless stream of inspiration to run through you daily, as well as illuminate inspiration upon others.

Sapphire and White African Opal Bracelet Set

Many natural stones are known to have zodiac affiliations. Although White African Opal is a stone of Cancer, Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio, if you are October born this White African Opal may just be your perfect match.

We were all carefully crafted to bring this world a lasting uniqueness, each significant, yet delicately selected. Stones aren’t too different from that.  Shop our White African Opal pieces.  A valuable stone, for a very valuable you.

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