New Beginnings

December 05, 2013

One of the many things I love about my work as a jewelry designer is the opportunity to give back. Whether it’s gifting jewelry that can be auctioned off for a good cause or simply spreading awareness through social media and marketing channels, I love the opportunity to give back.

In years past, we have always donated to Partnership Against Domestic Violence, one of the oldest and largest non- profit Domestic Violence organizations in the south. This year we put our heads together on how we could get involved even more with this important cause.  What we came up with was this: The New Beginnings Bracelet

I came up with a simple design of brass and crystal beads strung on purple (the color of domestic violence awareness) silk cord. We’re selling these bracelets on our website throughout January for $20.00 and giving all of the proceeds to support Partnership Against Domestic Violence, or PADV.  Money raised from the sale of these bracelets goes to support shelters, hotlines, and prevention programs.

But the best part of the process was bringing these bracelets to the women and children at the shelter. We made a hundred of these bracelets so that every woman and child could have one.

Some of the biggest fans of the bracelets turned out to be the smallest residents of the shelter.

 I know they all appreciated the gift, what I think they liked even more, was the time we spent with them.


The thing about giving back that is so beautiful is that you absolutely get back in return what you give.  I’d like to thank the women and children of PADV for reminding me that everyone deserves hope and new beginnings. 


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